Playing cards features:

1)  Face value of the card is CENTERED in the Heart, Club, Spade and Diamond.

2)  The EXTRA LARGE NUMBER is easily recognized.

DOWNLOAD       Announcement Sheet

      Perfect for posting on bulletin boards or hand out to announce location, date and time for Flip™ Bingo sessions!

                It's Bingo with a twist!

  An-abbreviated-version-of-Bingo-for-EVERYONE-including  BINGO-for-Special-Needs!

DOWNLOAD  Bingo Caller's Master Sheet

      Download the BINGO CALLER'S MASTER SHEET to replace other ways to call Bingo.  Print this sheet for each Flip™ Bingo session and get rid of the clumsey Bingo Cage and noisy Bingo Balls!   Just circle and randomly call the numbers ~ each game is called much quicker!


It's Bingo with a Twist!

My 10 Year Journey with Flip Bingo will be ending soon.........

I have enjoyed this adventure / ministry to help bring enjoyment to the lives of so many with and without special needs.

However, all good things must come to an end.  Please contact me through my contact page, email:, Facebook page "Flip Bingo and Other Products" as I sell my remaining inventory..

Please pass this on.  My only requirements will be PayPal and StorePage will no longer be VALID.  My prices have been dramatically reduced.  Call me at 724-977-5994 for details!  Thank You

Why Flip™ Bingo?

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E-Z-2-C Deck of
Playing Cards

Combines the FUN of both
BINGO  and   DICE, giving these
classic games a whole "new twist"!

R-L-Flip Bingo
Dice Game

Other Games:

Testing was conducted In May 2013 by the NATIONAL LEKOTEK CENTER, Chicago, IL and 5 out of 5 categories were awarded. A total of 47 families took part in the testing.The breakdown consisted of 49 children with special needs, 47 parents and 21 siblings without disabilities.   AblePlay was created so parents, special educators, therapists and others can make the best decisions when purchasing products for children in their lives with disabilities    

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