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What People Are Saying About E-Z-2-C Playing Cards:

E-Z-2-C Deck of Playing Cards

Ideal for mixed population of card players with low vision, dementia, etc. and general population including children without special needs.

Introducing E-Z-2-C Low Vision Playing Cards created to help individuals who are visually impaired. The design of these cards make it possible to enjoy traditional card games – however, the design also appeals to card players without vision impairments that normally take issue with other low vision playing cards that are on the market.


  • Large print E-Z-2-C Playing Cards are PERFECT for anyone who has vision issues recognizing numbers and suits on traditional decks of cards.

  • May help those with color blindness (Monochromacy and Dichromacy).

  • Less eye strain – easy focus to the center of the card.

  • High quality plastic coated cards come in a clear plastic snap shut storage case.

  • Uncluttered design is an added plus for both kids and adults.

  • Cards measure 3 1/2 inches high, 2 1/2 inches wide.

  • Extra LARGE icons measure 2 3/16" TO 3" (height) for each suit.

"I am COLOR BLIND and what I like most about the E-Z-2-C Playing Cards is they are easy to LOOK at and not hard on the eyes.  I don't have to worry about different colors - they are easier to distinguish because the middle large black spade and clubs are very dark black and the heart and diamonds to me are lighter in shading which really help."

– Jim A., Mercer, PA

"Because I have glaucoma, it is difficult for me to use regular and even other low vision playing cards. I have to keep moving my head to 'search over the card' to find a number and whether it's a club, spade, etc. What I noticed immediately about these playing cards ~ the numbers really "pop" right out. The cards aren't busy and cluttered - I like the simple contrast making the numbers stand out."

– Dennis Lindstrom, Meadville, PA
Keystone Blind Association of Crawford County client

 Low Vision Playing Cards

Children are encouraged to:

LEARN because of the simplistic design of the E-Z-2-C  Playing Cards as they practice learning their SHAPES, COLORS as well as NUMBERS!

Through repetition they will continue to recognize how to distinguish the face value on the playing cards. This is an added plus and helps children throughout their school years with their math skills.