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Taking a break from their regular weekly Bingo ~

Friends invited to a private party at a local senior apartment complex playing #FlipBingo

"As a volunteer at Keystone Blind Association for over 5+ years, it's been so much fun (and rewarding as well) to watch the clients play Flip™Bingo. Using the Low Vision “2 pattern” cards has always been a big hit, but now Bingo is even more exciting playing the new R-L-Flip BINGO DICE Game using the special foam cube to find out what new “patterns” they will be playing for the next game. Great relaxing afternoon for everyone!"
                            -  Jeanne McElrath, Hermitage, PA

Consider Your local Library.........

This is a picture of the very first group of Flip Bingo players at the Community Library of the Shenango Valley Sharon, PA in January 2015.  Bingo was offered twice a month September through May on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm.

In the past, students along with their parents or caregivers averaged attendance of 15 players each month. 

If interested in starting Flip Bingo at your community library or for after school programs, etc., please don't hesitate to contact me through email or through the CONTACT page.

Flip Bingo Dice Game

What People Are Saying About
The FlipBingo Dice Game:

"I am a caregiver at a senior residential community – as a caregiver, my clients enjoy playing regular Flip Bingo. But recently, R-L-Flip BINGO DICE Game was introduced – it was a lot of fun watching my client interact with the other residents, especially when they got to roll the dice – also, it's very easy for me to sit between them and help others at the table if needed!"             
                            - Patti S., Sharon, PA

"I have the best time playing this Bingo Dice Game and look forward each Tuesday at Keystone Blind Association when we play it - rolling the dice gives it more excitement because you always have different numbers  ~ we play speed bingo and wild numbers!                          -  Jim S., Masury, OH

Flip Bingo Dice Game

This exciting Bingo dice game combines any version of Flip™ Bingo cards along with a special Large Foam CUBE giving directional prompts of"RIGHT," "LEFT" or "FLIP."

What makes this a fun fast paced game? 
Each player will never have the same "pattern" after each game.  Follow the directions when the CUBE is rolled by either the winning player or Bingo Caller. You'll either pass your card one person to your right, to your left, or merely just "Flip" your card over for the next game.

The game can be played with three or more players, ages five and older. There's no time limit and is perfect for special events, such as outdoor picnics, birthday parties, and family or class reunions. The Flip™Bingo Dice Game is ideal for INTER-GENERATIONAL GAME PLAY!

So get ready...
Don't plan to memorize your card numbers or pick out your "LUCKY" numbers, because YOUR LUCK in winning happens with a roll of the dice!