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Ready for a much easier and quicker way to call Bingo?

      After trying to make Bingo calling more simple when demonstrating Flip BINGO sessions, I created a grid with all 75 numbers much easier to use.  I use the grid all the time for the past 5 years and would never go back to the traditional cage and ball method!

       I am so happy to share this information along with the Download on the Home page (RIGHT bottom).  First let me say  Flip Bingo encourages more creative ways for the participants to play.  Here are just three of the ways that "SPICE" up the game:

  • Wild Numbers are extremely popular.  A wild number is any number from zero to 9.   EXAMPLE: Call the number 3 and everyone will put a marker on ALL NUMBERS THAT END IN THE NUMBER 3 including the 3 if they have it.  Hence, corresponding numbers to cover would be B3, B13, I23, N33 and N43, G53, O63 and finally O73. Generally, straight bingo I call 1 or 2 - to complete the "pattern" they love 3-4 wild numbers!
  • Speed Bingo is played only on either Letter "U" and Letter "H" ~ the bingo players "race" each other to completely cover all 10 numbers (5 under the B and 5 under the O). This is especially fun when playing Flip Bingo Dice game with either version.
  • Double Bingocan be played using either version.  Bingo winner must complete a "straight" bingo on two "Patterns"

"I like the cards because they are easy to read.  The yellow background is very, very helpful along with the extra big numbers.  Another thing I like is the variety of ways to play – especially when I get to choose which card side to play after each game - the choice is up to me – that's what makes Flip™ Bingo so much fun."
                         – Darlene Chizmar, Sharon, PA

"Before I moved to Whispering Oaks, I only played straight bingo. It wasn't my favorite. I enjoyed playing cards more. I started slowly to play the different ways at regular bingo – Crazy "T", Slim "H", "Z" the big "X" to name a few.  Sometimes they were confusing – I'd find out I had a bingo after the game was over and done.  I really enjoy the Flip™ Bingo cards because they are easy to read the patterns in front of me!"
            – Pauline Mudrinich, Hermitage, PA

From my experience.....

    For several years I was an Activity Director at a local assisted living facility and then at a retirement community. As all activity personnel knows, Bingo is just about the most popular activity that can be put on the activity calendar. If it were left up to the residents, Bingo would be played every day and without a doubt, it would be all day long at that!

    After observing that some of the residents had problems playing Bingo using the regular "house" cards, I realized there needed to be another version on the market for those with low vision, memory issues, etc.  Since they alwaysplayed "patterns," that's when the "light bulb" lit up ~ and as they say, the rest is history!

Flip Bingo vs. regular Bingo

Watch A Short Instructional Video
For Flip™Bingo:

Learn how to play and listen to
what retirement community
residents have to say about
playingthe "abbreviated"
pattern version of Flip

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"Our residents have been playing Flip BINGO since we first purchased the cards in June of 2008 and they absolutely love them!  We schedule Flip BINGO once a week on the activity calendar.  Recently we purchased the NEW Half cards with the yellow background and  they love those cards even more!"
– Doris Ellis, former Activity Director, Greystone Country Estates, Fredonia, PA                                

Ready To Think Outside The Box?

There are so many versions of Bingo on the market today,
but how many versions can claim the following:


  • These Bingo cards are designed using 8 of the more POPULAR
    "patterns" played by bingo lovers

  • Double sided cards give players a CHOICE for each game

  • LARGE numbers with sharp contrasting background appeals
    to many players with or without  special needs

  • Encourages socialization (example: two players sit side by side  becoming "Buddy Bingo" partners using Low Vision cards)

  • Different ages and skill levels are able to enjoy this great all
    around pastime as an all  INCLUSIVE activity in most settings

  • Promoting game time creates special bonding between generations
    of family members as well as other special gatherings

  • Play Flip™ Bingo according to regular bingo rules or use these cards following the instructions for R-L-Flip DICE GAME!