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E-Z-2-C Low Vision Playing Cards

  • Number design centered in heart, diamond, spade and club
  • Packaged in a clear snap-shut case
  • Complimentary deck with any order over $50.00

Complete Deck: $6.00



Order and Return Policy: Make checks and money orders payable to: SLongstreet Enterprise, LLC. Mail to: P.O. Box 943, Sharon, PA 16146. Customer Account No. will be your name and telephone number on the order form. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for checks to clear. All returns must be sent PREPAID and received before a refund can be given to the customer. Shipping Fees are NONREFUNDABLE. No C.O.D. RETURNS will be accepted. REFUND given only with prior authorization. If you request a refund, please allow 7 - 10 business days for processing. Accounts will be refunded only for UNDAMAGED goods returned with prior authorization. Please contact us by email / telephone within 10 days of receiving your order. Please include your name and telephone number as well as Company Name and Order date along with ITEM #'s to be replaced. Please contact us by email/telephone within 10 days of receiving your order. Any information given to us is always kept in strict confidence. We do not exchange, share, sell or rent any information we obtain from you with anyone.  Earning your confidence and trust is essential to our continued success. GROUND SHIPPING: UPS or FedEx for most orders only. All other orders sent through U.S. Postal Service. SHIPPING COSTS as noted on Order Forms. Orders shipped within 2 business days with payment by PayPal or Credit Card and 3-5 business days by check or money order (during regular weekday hours) after check has cleared for processing. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: UPS or FedEx - Please email us: - charges are determined by information given to us. Once we have information, we will email you with complete international shipping charges regarding your order.




Welcome To The Flip Bingo Store

Flip™Bingo Low Vision Cards

  • SETS (12 1/2" x 22")
  • 10 card unit packaged for 5-10 players
  • 20 card unit packaged for 10-20 players
  • Available in yellow non-glare ONLY
  • 4 patterns per card - 2 patterns per side
  • Unit cards are divided equally between 2 skill levels

10 Cards: $30.00

20 Cards: $60.00

R-L-Flip™Bingo Dice Game

  • E-Z game instructions included with LARGE FOAM CUBE
  • Fun to play with either version of Flip™Bingo
  • Complimentary CUBE with any order over $50

Complete Game: $3.50

Flip™Bingo Traditional Cards

  • SETS (12 1/2" x 11")
  • 10 card unit packaged for 10-40 players
  • 20 card unit packaged for 20-80 players
  • Ideal for R-L-Flip™Bingo dice game
  • Available in yellow non-glare ONLY
  • 8 patterns per card - 4 patterns per side

10 Cards: $22.50

20 Cards: $40.00

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